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B.S. Chemical Engineering @ University of California - Berkeley;
Doctor of Physical Therapy @ University of Wisconsin - Madison

After graduating from UC Berkeley, I worked in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as a process engineer. It was a lucrative career yet I was dissatisfied; I discovered that I prefer working directly more with people rather than spending much of the day in front of a computer or a machine. Prior to my engineering role, I had worked at Recreational Equipment Incorporated (R.E.I.) in Berkeley in customer service. After moving to Madison from California, I continued working in customer service at R.E.I. Madison while pursuing entrance to the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at UW Madison. Here I met a Sam. Not only did I develop a long-lasting friendship with Sam through school but in 2019, after working several years in Home Health, we began a professional relationship as I joined Deliver Rehab when Sam decided to expand the company.

Why do you do what you do at Deliver Rehab?

It hearkens back to why I left my engineering career to pursue physical therapy. I love working with people especially one-on-one. I also love being physically active; examples include playing Ultimate, cycling, hiking, and snowboarding. As I enter middle-age, I see the value of staying active and I want to help others see and do the same. Being a physical therapist at Deliver Rehab is a wonderful opportunity, day after day, of working one-on-one with clients to help them maintain or return to the most active version of themselves.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I believe my engineering background is a boon as I attempt to assist my clients in solving their physical problems. However, I realize that a person is not an equation to be solved but a complex being that requires a listening ear and a compassionate heart to unravel. What I enjoy the most about my job is the process of getting to know my clients and their needs and then partnering with them to achieve their goals.

What do you appreciate about Deliver Rehab's culture?

It's summarized in the word Deliver. We deliver rehab services to clients who otherwise would not be able to acquire them. It's the culture of finding ways to render therapy to those in need.


Ultimate frisbee & playing board games with friends & family

Fun Fact

I have nearly 200 board games, none of them are Monopoly or Chess

Quote or mantra that guides your approach to work and life.

Matthew 6:33 - But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Industry Insights

With the increasing cost of healthcare and the focus on productivity to improve the bottom line, the quality of services provided may suffer. We should not forget that we are working with people to provide care for their health; they are not "cases" to be managed or an optimization problem to be solved.

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