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FREE* Screening Event

For clear communication & cognitive vitality

Monday, December 11

8:30 - 11:30 AM

at Harbor Athletic Club

Are you or a loved one experiencing challenges with memory, concentration, word finding, attention, or problem-solving? Are you ignoring communication challenges because you believe others can understand you well enough? Are you avoiding memory issues because you are not sure what to do?

We are here for you! It's never too late to enhance your social, communication, and cognitive abilities. Start with this SIMPLE and FREE Screening!

Meet with Karly, Speech-Language Pathologist for a 20-Minute, Free* Screening to evaluate memory, concentration, word finding, attention, and problem solving skills.

Receive tailored feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement outlined on a personalized "report card." Karly will guide you through the screening results and discuss opportunities for enhancing your social and cognitive vitality. 

Invest in your social skills and cognitive health! 
Sign up on this webform to take the first step towards clearer communication and improved cognitive function. We will follow up with you to secure your specific screening time. 

*Free for Harbor Athletic Club Members, and their family and friends.

Fill out the form below to
request a free screening.

Thanks for submitting! One of our team members will contact you to set up your screening.

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